Creating a personal style or distinct sound is great, but Lo-fi is about accurately mirroring an artist’s unique vision into a symphony of notes and sounds.

In this episode, we listen to musician Takeo’s perspective on the importance of being yourself, and making the kind of music that you like.

In my own world of production, I just love to be creative and do whatever I want.”

– Takeo, Musician

As long as there’s one person who listens to my music and likes it, then mission accomplished!”

– Takeo, Musician

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Takeo is a 22-year-old instrumentalist and beatmaker from Los Angeles, California.

While in his fourth year of studying computer science at university, much of his free time is spent in his home studio making mellow lofi hip hop beats. He is grateful to have the opportunity to share his music with the world and hopes to continue expressing his passion for music in his future releases.

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While Lo-fi is generally associated with indie, alt-rock and punk music, its influence extends far beyond.

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No longer associated with something that is worn or clinical, Lo-fi has evolved over time to represent a feeling in the music, rather than any tangible quality about the music. 

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