KEF in Studio Thomas Ng

Singing, songwriting and playing instruments are all fundamental aspects of music creation, and several musicians excel at one or the other. But being able to do all three, and to take a holistic approach to the production of your own music, is rare.

In this episode of KEF in Studio, Thomas Ng shares his process with us, and tells us all about how he takes his emotions and turns them into songs that listeners can relate to.

Watch as Thomas talks us through his multifaceted creative process.

We all know how complex emotions feel but there’s no perfect way to describe that to someone else. My goal is to create music inspired by my own personal experiences for others to relate to and to find a connection.”

– Thomas Ng, Musician

Words can’t always say everything so I just let the music do the talking.”

– Thomas Ng, Musician


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Thomas Ng

Hong Kong-born Thomas Ng’s rise to fame has been well-documented through TikTok videos, where his series “Duet Me” captured the attention of big names in the industry, one of which was the incomparable Lizzo. Now, the Boston-based musician is hard at work fine-tuning his songwriting skills at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Despite being so early on in his career, Thomas has amassed quite a following on social media. His debut EP, 3am as well as his single “Flaws” earned him over 230,000 TikTok followers. Thomas made his big label debut with “One Last Dance” (featuring Milky Day) and “Pills” (featuring Phum Viphurit) under Warner Music Asia’s Asiatic Records. Most recently, Thomas released his new single “Feelin'”, which further speaks to his innate ability to transform his emotions into songs that strike a chord with his listeners.

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