Olivia Dean

Creating music comprises many parts - but more than the technical aspects of production, songs build a connection between the artist and their audience.

In this episode, we listen to singer-songwriter Olivia Dean share her songwriting process, and how she moves the music from page, to studio, to stage.

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Thomas Ng

Singing, songwriting and playing instruments are all fundamental aspects of music creation, and several musicians excel at one or the other.

In this episode of KEF in Studio, Thomas Ng shares his process with us, and tells us all about how he takes his emotions and turns them into songs that listeners can relate to.

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While Lo-fi is generally associated with indie, alt-rock and punk music, its influence extends far beyond.

In this episode, we listen to producer and musician Abour’s take on Lo-fi and on how it’s rethinking the future of music.

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Creating a personal style or distinct sound is great, but Lo-fi is about accurately mirroring an artist’s unique vision into a symphony of notes and sounds.

In this episode, we listen to musician Takeo’s perspective on the importance of being yourself, and making the kind of music that you like.

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No longer associated with something that is worn or clinical, Lo-fi has evolved over time to represent a feeling in the music, rather than any tangible quality about the music. 

In this episode, we listen to musical artist Shrimpnose’s story about how music helped him express himself and overcome his speech impediment.

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