Masters of Sound Daito Manabe

No one does things quite like Daito Manabe. Pursuing creative endeavours through a spectrum of mediums – from programming to music production and technical direction, both solo and with creative collective Rhizomatiks – his ideas sit just beyond the realm of what feels possible.

For Daito, sharing his process with his audience adds another layer of meaning to his work. It’s where he finds the most motivation, and one of the reasons he embraces the often yearslong span of his projects.

I’m from a musical family. When I became a DJ and began to express myself with music, I finally felt that I was a part of what the family had been working on.”

Whatever’s not a success still gets uploaded to my website. When I’m testing it, that’s when I’m most motivated.”

It’s not just art. It’s not just maths. It’s not just software. I combine it all together with the music.”

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About Daito

This multidisciplinary creator is an incomparable talent. Sitting at a lesser-occupied intersection between music, art, science and technology, Daito’s projects are ambitious. A media artist, programmer, engineer, and DJ, he’s collaborated with KEF twice: first on Journey Through Sound, and most recently as our Listen Tokyo headliner.

Creating and experimenting for almost two decades, Daito’s journey as a solo artist is unique on its own. But as co-founder of Rhizomatiks, he’s able to explore other endeavours. A data-driven collective combining arts and technology, Rhizomatiks tackles large-scale projects that cannot be done by just one member.

To date, Daito and Rhizomatiks have worked with iconic brands and artists, including Björk, Dolce & Gabbana and Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Daito’s ambition and unhindered vision for his creative pursuits is rare. If his existing works are anything to go by, it’s clear that this creator won’t settle for anything short of groundbreaking.

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