KEF in Studio Olivia Dean

Creating music comprises many parts – but more than the technical aspects of production, songs build a connection between the artist and their audience. It’s more than just words set to music, but rather a snapshot of a moment brought to life by the musician.

In this episode, we listen to singer-songwriter Olivia Dean share her songwriting process, and how she moves the music from page, to studio, to stage.

Watch as Olivia discusses her creation philosophy and the evolution of her songwriting process.

I find it fascinating that you can just make something that didn’t exist a second ago, and then you put it out, and it’s there forever.”

– Olivia Dean, Singer and Songwriter

Listen to Olivia perform her single, Danger, live in studio with her band.


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Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean is a singer and songwriter from East London. She was named Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Artist of 2021, and has over two million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Since starting out in a gospel choir at the age of eight, the British singer was catapulted into the limelight after collaborating with Rudimental in 2019. Their track, Adrenaline, was an instant hit. Soon after, she released her latest EP, aptly titled Growth. The artist is known for crafting poignant ballads that showcase a deep sense of self-awareness. She cites Carole King, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse as her biggest influences.

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