KEF in Studio Shrimpnose

No longer associated with something that is worn or clinical, Lo-fi has evolved over time to represent a feeling in the music, rather than any tangible quality about the music. 

In this episode, we listen to musical artist Shrimpnose’s story about how music helped him express himself and overcome his speech impediment.

My creativity is the main reason I’m still alive.

– Shrimpnose, Musical Artist

My dad got me a drum set at 4, the same time I developed a stutter, and ever since, music has been an easier language for me.”

– Shrimpnose, Musical Artist

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Shrimpnose has been climbing the ranks over the past years, with features in Complex, VICE, NPR, and most recently Rinse FM, Passion of the Weiss, and BBC.

His music has amassed 25+ million plays across platforms, with 450,000 listeners monthly on Spotify. He has collaborations with Bleep Bloop, Holly, Daedelus, Bobby Raps, Little Snake, and more. Over the last year he has released a few short projects and his anticipated album “A Ghost From a Memory”, through Los Angeles based label Friends of Friends, and an album with LA based Dome of Doom. He also has recent releases on Brainfeeder Records and Blue Note & Astralwerks Records. His music flutters between the beautiful and the jagged corners of electronic music.

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While Lo-fi is generally associated with indie, alt-rock and punk music, its influence extends far beyond.

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Creating a personal style or distinct sound is great, but Lo-fi is about accurately mirroring an artist’s unique vision into a symphony of notes and sounds.

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