While Lo-fi is generally associated with indie, alt-rock and punk music, its influence extends far beyond. Lo-fi is a community of music lovers who look to flawlessly translate their feelings and experiences into an immaculate arrangement of notes and sounds that people can relate to.

In this episode, we listen to producer and musician Abour’s take on Lo-fi and on how it’s rethinking the future of music.

Sometimes you make something that you can listen to and then understand it a few years later.”

– Arbour, Producer and Musician

It’s the kind of music you can relax and listen to when walking down the beach.”

– Arbour, Producer and Musician

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Arbour is a productive and consistent talent in the beatmaking community.

With numerous singles, collaborations, and brand deals in the last few years, the Seattle musician steadily crafts downtempo daydreams. Relaxed yet uplifting. Sorrowful yet hopeful. Like internalizing the darkness of night while knowing the sun will rise soon. His 2020 EP, BLUE, is an instrumental sailboat, abiding by the tide. Simply put: to listen to Arbour is to be at ease, it is to hear the waves crashing in the distance, knowing the coast is not too far away.

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Creating a personal style or distinct sound is great, but Lo-fi is about accurately mirroring an artist’s unique vision into a symphony of notes and sounds.

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No longer associated with something that is worn or clinical, Lo-fi has evolved over time to represent a feeling in the music, rather than any tangible quality about the music. 

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