Connect. Set. Play. LSX II : Listen. Watch. Play.

01. TV like never before

  • 01. TV like never before
  • 02. A new level of gaming
  • 03. For the vinyl fansl
  • 04. Get deeper bass with a subwoofer
  • 01. TV like never before
  • 02. A new level of gaming
  • 03. For the vinyl fans
  • 04. Get deeper bass with a subwoofer

Discover immersive sound experiences

Your LSX II was created for the ultimate audio experiences. It was designed by engineers obsessed with precision, and with delivering unforgettable audio experiences. So whether you’re gaming, watching your favourite TV show, or playing some records, your LSX II will bring immersive sound experiences right to your living room.

01. TV like never before

Just because TVs are getting thinner doesn’t mean your sound should too. LSX II is the perfect addition to your home theatre set-up. A compact, all-in-one speaker system, it delivers balanced sound in high resolution.

Plugging in

LSX II is compatible with HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) output from your TV. This gives you integrated control through just one HDMI cable, as long as you’re connected to your local WiFi network.

Your speakers are also compatible with HDMI CEC, which means you can use your TV’s remote control to adjust the volume of your speakers.

Keep in mind

To connect your LSX II, you might need to make a few adjustments to your TV’s settings, so be sure to check the manual. Some TV manufacturers use different names for CEC connections (like Simplink or Anynet+) and HDMI ARC.

02. A new level of gaming

When games are created, they’re intended to build entirely new worlds for players to escape to. To do this, they use soundscapes that can make you feel everything from the adrenaline of a car chase to the ferocious roar of a monster. LSX II will place you at the heart of the action.

Get started

If you’re using an HDMI cable, make sure your LSX II is connected to your TV and that the settings are correct.

Using an optical cable

If an HDMI cable is not an option for you, and if your gaming console offers an optical output, you can run your connection directly from your console to LSX II. Simply use your device’s optical output jack (marked “O”) on the back of your Primary speaker.

03. For the vinyl fans

Rediscover the warm layers and rich textures of vinyl records. Your LSX II will stay true to the original recordings of a bygone era. Some record players have a phono stage built in, while others require a separate one. You’ll need an analogue stereo cable to connect your device to LSX II.

Using an auxiliary cable

If your turntable has an analogue audio output, and you’ve onboarded your speakers, you can connect LSX II with an audio cable. Just plug it into the output jack on your device, and then plug the other end into the auxiliary input jack (marked “X”) on the back of your Primary speaker.

Choose the right mode

Open KEF Connect and turn on “AUX” mode. Alternatively, you can select it from the top panel of your Primary speaker, or on your remote control. The icon will light up if your connection is successful, and you’ll be able to control playback on your device.

04. Get deeper bass with a subwoofer

Subwoofers give us deep, low bass. Feel the rumble whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game or listening to your favourite playlist. Discover our subwoofers here.

Where to put your subwoofer

Both speakers have a subwoofer connection, so you can choose to have one or two in your set-up. Generally, subwoofers can be placed at the front of the room, just off to the side. However, every room is different, so experimenting with placement is always a good idea. On your KEF Connect app, you can also indicate which subwoofer you’re using.

Wireless subwoofer connection

You can connect your subwoofer with a cable, which you’ll need an RCA connection for. Just use the subwoofer output jack (marked “S”) on the back panel of your primary speaker. You can also go wireless with our KW1 Subwoofer Adapter Kit.