At KEF, collaboration with the right partners plays a crucial role. Delve into our partnership with industrial designer Michael Young and how our flagship LS60 Wireless Speaker came to life as the only floor-standing wireless speaker in the market. Beautifully simple, impossibly slim.

I can sum it up as a perfect balance of creativity and a practical approach between the two teams – that was the beauty of this collaboration.”

– Hamid Bekradi, Head of Product Design

The shape and form factor, although it looks very simple, is highly articulate in terms of the way they’re engineered to make the best performance sound. ”

– Michael Young, Industrial Designer

LS60 Wireless

Celebrating 60 years of acoustic innovation, LS60 Wireless is our vision of high-fidelity sound for the future. An all-in-one speaker system that allows you to stream from any source and connect to any home audio devices with audiophile-grade power. The iconic slim design is the work of Michael Young and KEF product design team.