A collaboration between industrial designer Michael Young and KEF, our second generation LSX II reimagines the role electronics plays within your living space. Discover the makings of LSX II, and the details and materials that take it from sound equipment to a statement piece within the home.

We normally have electronic products as a completely different type of object that occupies the space in our living rooms, but here we have a speaker that blends in beautifully and adds up to the aesthetics of our interior design.”

– Hamid Bekradi, Head of Product Design

The LSX was the first product on the market that ever used fabric as a way to connect to the home… that was considered to be as much a piece of furniture as a piece of sound equipment.”

– Michael Young, Industrial Designer


Introducing a world of High-Fidelity sound that is true enough to touch. This all-in-one speaker system is in its second generation and is upgraded to deliver more balanced sound in higher resolution with all-inclusive connectivity. Simply stream all the music in the world.