Being able to curate a playlist for a crowd is something of a superpower. Knowing exactly what they’re going to want to hear and sustaining the perfect vibe all the way through a set requires a level of skill that most entertainers can only dream of. But to Antal, it comes naturally.

As co-founder of Rush Hour records, Antal is also an exceptional DJ with an unparalleled track record. He knows exactly how to keep his audience enthralled. But what sets him apart from his peers? Antal’s sets are limitless. He bends genres and effortlessly mixes them together. He’ll have you dancing to the most obscure tracks thanks to his innate ability to sense how and when to drop certain songs. Antal will play all the music you never knew you needed.

When you listen to a lot of tunes everyday, you start to understand what it is that you like to find in music. I couldn’t really write down what that feeling is, but it’s a feeling that I search for.”

I think a positive thing from record stores is that you have interaction with the people that buy music at the store, and they bring knowledge. I think this is also why the store has such a broad offering of styles.”

Soon after, international musicians wanted to join us, and this became a community of artists and labels that were using our hub to spread their music into the world.”

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Antal isn’t just some flash-in-the-pan talent. He’s been at it since 1996, performing in all parts of the world, from the US to Europe, Australia and Asia. Almost three decades later, his mark on the music industry is indelible, and his influence only continues to spread far beyond his native Amsterdam.

As one of the most versatile DJs out there, the Rush Hour Records co-founder is well-known as a genre-blurring entertainer. His label is famed not just for releasing new music but also for reimagining old classics – something which Antal mirrors in his sets.

No one has knowledge of music and his craft as much as Antal does. The depth of his musical recall is almost unimaginably vast, so his audiences never quite know what to expect. This musicologist could just as much fire up a crowd with house music influenced heavily by Detroit’s music scene as he can with a rare Afro-funk beat.

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