Connect. Set. Play. LS60 Wireless : Listen. Watch. Play.

01. A new way to watch TV

  • 01. A new way to watch TV
  • 02. Next level of gaming
  • 03. A new era for vinyl
  • 04. Feel the deepest bass with a subwoofer
  • 01. A new way to watch TV
  • 02. Next level of gaming
  • 03. A new era for vinyl
  • 04. Feel the deepest bass with a subwoofer

Uncover unrivalled entertainment experiences

Your LS60 Wireless has been crafted by passionate engineers obsessed with precision and with building the most memorable sound experiences. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a game, listening to music or watching a movie, LS60 Wireless will create intense soundscapes right in your living room.

01. A new way to watch TV

Take your home entertainment set-up to a new level with LS60 Wireless. With its contemporary design, it’s incredibly slim and defies the limits of audio performance. Every viewing experience will be an immersive one with limitless sound.

Plug it in

LS60 Wireless is compatible with HDMI enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) output from your TV. This allows for integrated control through a single cable – just make sure your speakers are connected to your local WiFi network. For true convenience, LS60 Wireless is also backward compatible with ARC and HDMI CEC, which means you can control the volume of the speakers with your TV remote.

A quick tip

In order to connect your LS60 Wireless, you might need to adjust a few settings on your TV, just be sure to take a look at the manual. Keep in mind that some TV manufacturers might use different names for CEC and HDMI eARC connections (like Simplink or Anynet+).

02. Next level of gaming

Game creators build entirely new worlds for players to escape to. Soundscapes have the power to make you feel like you’ve been transported somewhere completely different. With LS60 Wireless, you’ll feel as though you’re at the heart of the action.

HDMI cables

If you need to use an HDMI cable, check that your LS60 Wireless is connected to your TV and that its settings are correct.

Optical cables

If you can’t use an HDMI cable, don’t worry – if your console offers an optical output, use that instead. This way, you can run your connection directly from your console to your LS60 Wireless by using your device’s optical output jack (marked “O”) on the back of your primary speaker.

03. A new era for vinyl

Go back to the rich textures and complex layers of vinyl records. With LS60 Wireless, you can be sure that you’ll hear recordings just as you would have in a bygone era – crackles and all. Depending on your turntable, you may have a phono stage built in. However, some require a separate one, in which case you will need an analogue stereo cable to connect your device to LS60 Wireless.

Auxiliary cables

If you’ve already onboarded your LS60 Wireless and your turntable has an analogue audio output, you’ll be able to connect your speakers with an audio cable. All you’ll need to do is plug it into your device’s output jack and then plug the other end into the auxiliary input jack at the back of your Primary speaker.

Make sure you’re in the right mode

Switching LS60 Wireless to the right mode is easy – just open KEF Connect and turn on “AUX” mode. Or, you can select it from the top panel of your primary speaker, or even from your remote control. If your connection is successful, the icon will light up.

04. Feel the deepest bass with a subwoofer

Bass can go a long way in transforming an entertainment experience. With a subwoofer, we get deep, low bass that we can feel. Change your entertainment experience and browse our subwoofers here.

Placing your subwoofer

With your LS60 Wireless, you can choose to add one or two subwoofers to your set-up as both speakers have a subwoofer connection. Subwoofers can be placed at the front of the room, or even a little off to the side. We recommend experimenting with different spots to find what works best for you, because every room is different. To make things easier, you can also tell the KEF Connect app which subwoofer you’re using.

Connect without wires

Your subwoofer can be connected to your LS60 Wireless with or without cables. To connect with a cable, you’ll need an RCA connection, then you just need to use the subwoofer output jack (marked “S”) on the back panel of your primary speaker. Or, you can go wireless with our KW1 Subwoofer Adapter Kit.